Can Music Soothe Cats During Vet Visits? New Study Explores Effects on Feline Stress


Numerous studies have highlighted the calming influence of music on cats in stressful situations. A recent study delves into whether music can alleviate stress for cats undergoing medical examinations at the veterinary clinic. The research also investigates the potential benefits of “cat-specific music” compared to classical music or silence. This study, titled “Effects of music on behavior and physiological stress response of domestic cats in a veterinary clinic,” has been published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

Research Methodology:

To gauge the impact of music on cats, the researchers conducted tests on 20 feline subjects, exposing them to three different musical conditions: cat-specific music, classical music, and silence. Each condition was tested on separate dates, with a two-week interval between each session. Upon arrival at the veterinary hospital, the cats were placed in an examination room where the designated musical stimulus played for 10 minutes. They then underwent a basic physical examination, including blood sample collection, while the music continued.

Further Insights:

For a comprehensive analysis of the study’s intriguing findings and interpretations, cat behaviorist Dr. Mikel Delgado offers additional insights in her blog, “Cats and Squirrels and Other Important Things.”


This study sheds light on the potential benefits of using music to alleviate stress for cats during veterinary visits. By exploring the effects of different types of music, researchers aim to enhance the overall well-being of feline patients, offering a promising avenue for improving their veterinary experiences.

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