Is Your Cat a Vertical Pee-er? What to Do & How to Help

Introduction: Dealing with a cat who pees outside the litter box is one of the most frustrating issues cat parents may be faced with. While there are various reasons for this behavior, today we’ll address a less common yet equally challenging version: cats who pee standing up, or “vertical pee-ers.” Understanding this behavior and providing the right litter box can make a significant difference. Let’s explore how to help your feline companion overcome this issue.

The Difference Between Vertical Peeing and Spraying:

It’s essential to distinguish between vertical peeing and spraying. Vertical peeing refers to cats urinating inside the litter box either standing up or transitioning from squatting to standing. Spraying, however, is a territorial behavior where cats deposit small amounts of urine on vertical surfaces. This behavior is more commonly observed in unneutered male cats.

Anatomy of a Vertical Pee-er:

Understanding the unique behavior of a vertical pee-er is crucial. Some cats, like Ruby, may start by squatting but gradually raise and wiggle their rear end while urinating. For these cats, a standard litter box may not be sufficient to contain the urine. Finding an appropriate box becomes paramount to address this issue effectively.

The Search for the Perfect Litter Box:

While covered boxes are available, many cats prefer uncovered options for better visibility and air circulation. Large, high-sided, uncovered litter boxes are recommended. Options like clear plastic storage containers with modified openings can also work well, though aesthetics may be a concern for some owners.

The NVR Miss Litter Box:

The NVR Miss litter box stands out as an excellent solution for vertical pee-ers. Its spacious design, strategically positioned entrance, and high sides make it a comfortable and efficient option. The design encourages cats to align themselves lengthwise, minimizing the risk of urine going outside the box. Additionally, the smooth finish simplifies clump removal.

Conclusion: Understanding your cat’s unique litter box preferences and behaviors, especially if they are a vertical pee-er, is crucial for a harmonious living environment. Choosing an appropriate litter box, like the NVR Miss, can significantly reduce frustrations and help your feline companion comfortably use their designated space. With the right approach, you can overcome this challenging behavior and strengthen the bond with your furry friend.

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